2018 ISSA-NOVA Festival, June 2nd, in Sterling Virginia

for ISSA-NOVA Members & Guests Only

Saturday, June 2, 2018      10 AM to 2+ PM

This free family-friendly potluck is at a huge park shelter, which is also adjacent to the Volano Island Waterpark. We’ll supply some main dishes. Alchol is prohibited in the park. There is a nearby dog trail for your friendly dogs.

BRING: Enough food and drinks for your family & friends, your swimsuits/towels, BBQ grills (already 3 at the shelter), dogs, volleyball/sports equipment, picnic blankets, hats, children & childcare needs, and BUSINESS CARDS.


10 AM – 2 PM

     10-11 AM     Opening, Introductions

     11-Noon       Sponsor Tables, Unicycle & “Joggling” Demos

     Noon-1 PM  Cyber Games, Juggling Training

     1-2 PM         Pinata, Closing

After 2 PM   Personal events such as Volcano Island WaterPark, golfing, trails, boating on the Potomac River, …



Cyber Games

Sponsor Tables

Algonkian Regional Park, Shelter 1, 47001 Fairway Drive, Sterling, VA 20165

Adjacent to Volcano Island Waterpark

Registration: ONE person can sign in below for their family & guests. An ISSA-NOVA Member must have invited each individual and can invite up to a total of 8 people, not counting paying Sponsors or paid Performers.


Actual Link: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/180c48705b894954a60d525f6e2e387f

ISSA-NOVA Officers
President: John von Ruden
Vice Presidents: Houda Abdelghani, Samson Agidie, Walter Cekala, Constantinos Doskas, Karen Frederick, Raymond Stamps, Raja Medicherla