[December] “Think Like Your Adversary” with Jeff Brown of iSIGHT Partners

December 10, 2015 @ 6:30PM – Marymount University [Reinsch Auditorium] (map)

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Come hear Jeff Brown discuss how to “Think Like Your Adversary and Finally Retake the High Ground”

Jeff proposes a revised cyber kill chain based on real-world attacks to proactively defend enterprises against sophisticated threats.

(Free parking in the 26th Street “Blue” Garage)

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Jeff is Director of Threat Diagnostic Services at iSIGHT Partners. In this role he works with clients to empirically assess cyber threats that are currently affecting the organization as well as those threats that may come in the future. He also facilitates ThreatSpace events which provide a real-world cyber crisis simulation environment to detection and response test teams against adversary TTPs. Prior to joining iSIGHT Partners Jeff worked in several large scale security operations centers, implemented network monitoring/protection controls, advanced analytic tradecraft, and trained analysts to mitigate cyber security risks. He is passionate about the topic of cyber security and analysts whose motivation it is to identify and protect against various cyber threat actors.