ISSA-NOVA 2018 Elections – November 2017


Greetings ISSA-NOVA Members! It’s that time again!  The ISSA-NOVA Board Nominations period is now open.

Call for Nominations of the ISSA-NOVA Chapter Board Members: Attention all ISSA-NOVA Chapter members, it is time once again to call for nominations with respect to the positions listed below:   Positions open for Nomination:

  • – President
  • – Vice President of Membership
  • – Vice President of Programs
  • – Vice President of Education
  • – Vice President of Sponsorships
  • – Vice President of Operations
  • – Vice President of Finance
  • – Vice President of Marketing
  • – Vice President of Technology
  • – Ethics Officer (appointed*) – *newly elected President can appoint this position

Nominations should be sent to the following email address for assembly no later than 15 October 2017: Each Nomination shall consist of (in word format or equivalent):  – Nominee’s Name  – Nominee’s Contact Information      a) Phone Number      b) Email address      c) Membership status (must be in good standing)  – Position for nomination

– Nominee’s Biography (up to 500 words)  – Nominee’s Picture in .JPG format Candidates are scheduled for the October 2017 chapter meeting to campaign for their positions. Each candidate will have three (3) minutes for campaign speeches. More information will be sent to the candidates once they have been vetted and agree to run for their prospective position(s).  Any questions regarding the nominations process please contact the Nomination/Elections Committee at:     Attn: Election Committee

Note:  The Elections will be held in November 2017 this year to facilitate the ability of the old guard to have a proper turnover to the new guard.