ISSA-NOVA Elections – October 2018, Nomination Instructions

ISSA-NOVA Elections

At the 18 October 2018 Chapter Meeting

All ISSA-NOVA members

in good standing may vote!

Call for Nominations of ISSA-NOVA Board Members

By 15 September 2018

All ISSA-NOVA Chapter members in good standing may be nominated for any ISSA-NOVA Board position shown below.

*President VP of Marketing *VP of Programs
VP of Education VP of Membership VP of Sponsorships
*VP of Finance *VP of Operations VP of Technology

*There are NO current board members running for, at least, these marked positions. But you may nominate for any position regardless if there is an incumbent or not.

By 15 September 2018, send nominations to the Election Committee:

Nomination Format:

  1. Name
  3. Contact Information
    1. Phone Number, note if can text to it
    2. Email address
  4. Membership status (must be in good standing)
    1. Check you have PAID your membership dues
  5. Nominee’s Biography (up to 500 words)
    1. May include nominee’s Picture
    2. Nominee should directly supply their bio

After nomination, the Candidates are scheduled to give 3-minute speeches at the 20 September 2017 chapter meeting to campaign for their positions.

Please contact the Nomination/Elections Committee, with any questions, at: