ISSA-NOVA May 2013 – Verizon Breach Report

 2013_05 May Mtg Porter Headshot

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Featuring Mr. Chris Porter, Verizon, speaking on Verizon Breach Report

Based on forensic evidence collected while investigating some of the largest data breaches in history, Christopher Porter will present a rare view into the world of cybercrime & espionage. Over the last seven years, Porter and his colleagues have investigated and compiled data on thousands of security incidents and confirmed breaches. They have helped agencies like the U.S. Secret Service identify and prosecute criminals from all over the world. Their research has been used by thousands of organizations to evaluate and improve their security program. The presentation will discuss the evolution of cybercrime & espionage and delve into the people, methods, and motives that drive it today.
Date: Thursday, May 16
Time: Doors Open at 5:30 PM;  Meeting Starts at 6:15 PM
Location: Noblis, 3150 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042
As a managing principal on the Verizon RISK Team, Christopher Porter manages a team that collects, analyzes and distributes internal, partner, and external data relevant to intelligence and information risk management.  Verizon uses the output of these activities to enhance services, educate employees and clients, and provide metrics-based information to aid security planning.Porter has 15 years of experience in IT and security.Since joining the Verizon RISK team in 2009, Porter has served as a primary author on the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report.  He also co-created the VERIS (Verizon Enterprise Risk and Incident Sharing) Framework, which allows organizations to collect and report security incident metrics in a standard and repeatable manner.   Porter joined Verizon (via its Cybertrust acquisition) in 2004 as a senior security consultant.  His background also includes work as an economist, network and system administrator and information security consultant.Porter serves on the MIT Advisory Board for the McIntire School of Commerce.Porter earned a master’s degree in management of information technology from the University of Virginia’s McIntire School of Commerce and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics and psychology from the University of Virginia.