ISSA-NOVA Meetings Archive – 2007

2007 Meetings
December 2007
Topic(s): 2007 Year End InfoSec and Risk Round Up
Speaker(s): Ms. Pamela Fusco
November 2007
Topic(s): Hunting for Client-Side Exploits with Honeyclients
Speaker(s): Ms. Kathy Wang
October 2007
Topic(s): CSO Roundtable
Speaker(s): Mr. Lou Magnotti Mr. Marc Noble Ms. Dara Gordon Murray Mr. Ray Letteer Mr. Michael Castagna
Mr. Thomas Kupiec CSO Round Table
September 2007
Topic(s): Past, Present and Future: Virginia’s legislative dialogue regarding information security
Speaker(s): Senator Jeannemarie Devolities-Davis
August 2007
Topic(s): ISSA-NOVA Social
Speaker(s): ISSA-NOVA Social In lieu of our Monthly Membership Meeting, ISSA-NOVA is conducting our annual Social Event. Join your fellow Information Security Professionals for good conversation in a relaxed social environment. ISSA-NOVA takes care of the appetizers and sodas only…cash bar for beverages of the harder variety.
July 2007
Topic(s): Agent-based vs. Agentless—When It Matters…and When It Doesn’t
Speaker(s): Mr. David Meltzer
June 2007
Topic(s): HSPD-12 Downl
Speaker(s): Mr. Mike Butler
May 2007
Topic(s): FISMA Requirements Related To The C&A Of IT Systems
Speaker(s): Mr. Patrick Howard
April 2007
Topic(s): 8 Dirty Secrets of Information Assurance
Speaker(s): Mr. Bruce Potter
March 2007
Topic(s): Compliance: Which Laws Matter to Information Security?
Speaker(s): Mr. Randy Sabett J.D.
February 2007
Topic(s): Balancing Academic Freedom and Security: Challenges Faced by Higher Education
Speaker(s): Ms. Krizi Trivisani
January 2007
Topic(s): Testing Intrusion Detection Systems
Speaker(s): Ms. Angela Orebaugh