ISSA-NOVA Skills Development Program – Nov

To ISSA members and visitors.
As IT and Cybersecurity pull closer together we all need to upgrade our skills. Our profession demands constant improvement. This community offering is designed to provide you with new skills and strengthen you in the area of Information processing and analytics. ISSA-NOVA has a long history of providing our community with valuable information in cybersecurity topics, and provide it in a constant basis. We are all volunteers and we are giving out of our time to the community.
Since last year (2017) we are holding skill building sessions at Marymount University. Many students and members have come to get training or advice. Some wanted to get a taste of coding a computer program and find out if they may like to become a programmer. Others, desired to improve their skills. Several Marymount students came to receive help with their studies.
Many of them send us comments like this one.
If you have an interest or curiosity about programming, cryptology, and analytics come and join us.
All you need to do is text me and join the class. See you there: Constantinos Doskas, VP of Technology ISSA-NOVA, (703) 201 2401 (text, do not leave voice mail please)
Where: Marymount University 1000 N. Glebe RD Arlington Virginia, room 4028 or adjacent lab.


11/17/2018 , 11/24/2018, and 12/01/2018 11am-1:00pm – Python programming: Regular Expressions, Input/Output, CSV, Web Scraping, review.

12/07/2018 – End of the year

Friday 06:00pm-08:00pm and Saturday 11:00am-01:00pm reviews and labs.

What you need to bring: Your laptop computer, pre-load Python version 3 (latest version) from

Text me if you wish to attend (703) 201-2401

Now accepting topic requests for year 2019

Print and distribute flyer to any person interested to learn – click here