[Success!] Join our ISSA-NOVA Team during a World Record Half-Marathon! 27 AUG 2016

[Successfully completed!]  On 27 AUG 2016, Saturday, John von Ruden will set a Guinness World Record by being the first person to run a half-marathon while BAREFOOT and JUGGLING!  Participate by joining our “ISSA-NOVA Cybersecurity” Team and either run or cheer during this fun event.

After the run, we will enjoy the water park and 60+ rides in the amazing Kings Dominion theme park that is just five miles north of the running event.  John is the ISSA-NOVA VP of both Sponsorships and Technology.

You can link up with the Team by either email VP_Sponsorships or texting/calling John at  TextNumber

08_2016 ISSA-NOVA - HalfMarathon Race slide