For RMF Step 4 learn about assessing large multi-agency network defense” – Saturday, May 7 @ 11 AM – 1 PM

Our RMF Lifeboat group will discuss “For RMF Step 4 learn about assessing large multi-agency network defense” – Saturday, May 7 @ 11 AM – 1 PM.

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We are very fortunate to have Dennis F. Poindexter give his portion of five presentations done at the Canadian IT Security Symposium. We will learn about assessing large multi-agency network defense.

Step 4 of the RMF Process is to “Assess Security Controls.”  While a security controls assessment is often limited to system level controls, RMF broadens security controls to the enterprise and the continuous monitoring of security processes in an enterprise.  The aggregation of resultant data can be used to identify conditions that require additional action within and across organizations.  The presentation will describe a method of collecting and analyzing data on multiple systems is the multi-agency assessment.  The format for this type of assessment is described and results from a multi-agency assessment are shown.

Dennis is currently a writer of non-fiction.  His first book was The Chinese Information War, Espionage, Cyberwar, Communications Control and Related Threats to United States Interests, (McFarland Publishing, Inc.) was published in March 2013.  His second book is The New Cyberwar:  Technology and the Redefinition of Warfare (McFarland Publishing, Inc.).

Dennis began his career in the Air Force doing nuclear security at a time when computers were entering that field.  In 1977, he became a computer staff specialist in Industrial Security and taught computer security at the Defense Security Institute.  He was President of the National Computer Security Educators for two years and a faculty member of the Federal Examination Council of the Federal Reserve Board.  He was assigned to the U.S. Senate as an advisor, and later worked at the U.S. House of Representatives as a Staff Assistant in computer security.  He served two years in the Center for Information Systems Security, a joint activity of the Defense Information Systems Agency and the National Security Agency.

For six years he was Director of Information Assurance, Ballistic Missile Defense Organization where he participated in a lengthy Information Warfare assessment and conducted a series of conferences and meetings on the potential impacts to missile defense systems.  During that time, he was on teams doing joint national exercises for the National Command Authority, under the leadership of The Defense Threat Reduction Agency and Joint Chiefs of Staff.  He was Program Manager for the SHADOW Intrusion Detection System and the team shares the Government Technology Leadership Award for that program.

After retirement, he worked for Electronic Data Systems as Director of Security Architecture.  He was the EDS representative to the President’s Critical Infrastructure Security Committee, headed by Richard A. Clarke.  He later worked for BAE in international network security and Intelligence Systems Security.

He served five years in the FBI, including two in Counter-Terrorism Operations.  He was a Director of National Intelligence staff member on the White House Critical National Cybersecurity Initiative number 7.  He has spoken over 300 times at industry and government functions in the United States.

I have no doubt that everyone attending this meetup will learn information from history that can be used in today environment!  I look forward to our small group discussion format.

We meet 11am-1pm in a wonderful Tysons Corner, Virginia restaurant’s meeting room with a wide-screen monitor for computer presentations as well as floor to ceiling walls.  We optionally eat and drink during our merry meetings together. FREE parking is available.