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CP-logo-color-largeThe CloudPassage® Halo® platform is delivered as a service, so it deploys in minutes and scales dynamically−with no servers to provision and configure. Halo is unique in that it shifts analytics processing from protected servers into the cloud, so it uses minimal resources on protected systems. This allows layered security to be deployed at every workload−servers, virtual machines, cloud instances and containers. The Halo platform is comprehensive, so you don’t have to pay for and manage single function point solutions.

CloudPassage Halo solves these challenges:

  • Visibility. Within seconds of deploying Halo, security teams gain visibility into every server to discover vulnerabilities, security configuration errors and indications of compromise.
  • Speed. Halo bakes security right into the development process, which automates security so it can keep up with the speed of modern development and DevOps.
  • Microsegmentation. Halo reduces your attack surface by protecting against lateral movement of threats through traffic discovery and microsegmentation. Learn more.
  • Compliance. Halo replaces manual processes with automation so you can track and prove the security posture of all assets in scope of regulations within seconds. Learn more.

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