RMF LifeBoat Group – July 16th Meeting 11am-1pm on Collaborative Network Defense by Virginia Poindexter

Our topic will be “Collaborative Network Defense”.  At our last Risk Management Framework (RMF) LifeBoat group meetup, we discussed the NIST Cybersecurity Framework’s five functions: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.  At this FREE 11am-1pm meetup on Saturday, July 16th, we will see how these functions are implemented in a presentation with these three take aways:
1. Collaboration of industry leadership strengthens security because my site security depends on the security of your site.
2.  Collaboration starts with ownership, includes Service Level Agreements and/or Data Use Agreements.
3.  Collaboration leads to a common view of the threat, the characterization of threat and the resolve mitigate the threat.
We are very fortunate to have Virginia Poindexter, Security Analyst, share her 20+ years of experience in security analysis, engineering and integration of large scale, complex DoD and IC systems/programs.
Note that this will be the sixteenth meeting discussing cyber security aspects related to the RMF.  At our last meeting, Cindy Faith provided her analysis of FY 2016 FISMA metrics leverage the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF).  Her presentation and Excel file correlating CSF to NIST security controls are available in the meetup library for meetup members.
REGISTER at http://www.meetup.com/NCR-Risk-Management-Framework-Lifeboat/  SOONEST.  You’ll find the practical information for our LifeBoat group meeting there.  You can also tell other folks that they can easily get information and RSVP by starting on our ISSA Northern Virginia (NOVA) home page at http://www.issa-nova.org/ .
If anyone decides against using a free Meetup account, they are welcome to call 703-402-4379 to RSVP and get the practical details (where, when, and free parking).  They can also optionally request to be added to our BCC email distro list.  HOWEVER, many valuable RMF LifeBoat files are posted on our meetup for download by our Meetup group members.