RMF LifeBoat Group – October 15th Meeting 11am-1pm on how can an Edward Snowden event be prevented?

Privileged Accounts Management and

Auditing of those Accounts:

How can an Edward Snowden event be prevented?


Our next RMF LifeBoat meeting is scheduled for 15 October. One reason for this extended break between our meetings to allow time for people to volunteer and prepare to participate as panel members in our extended discussion on a special topic: “Privileged Accounts Management and Auditing of those Accounts.” This fascinating question is the motivational subtitle for our topic: “How can an Edward Snowden event be prevented?” By the way, we selected our topic and subtitle before the recent public focus on Snowden.


Using a panel format, volunteer group members may give opening remarks and a limited stress mini-presentation (if desired) on their experience with the subject. A panel moderator will collect questions from attendees and panel members will provide ad hoc responses at their discretion. Cindy Faith has volunteered to “anchor” the panel and provide an initial discussion presentation before the panel discussion begins. Additional volunteers are welcomed. If you want to participate in this new exciting panel format at our next meeting, please contact the organizers (Ginger or Tom) really soonest. We all want to hear how other Cyber Security practitioners are addressing this mission critical topic.


Note that this will be the nineteenth meeting discussing cyber security aspects related to the RMF. At our last meeting, Tony Barnett’s topic was Understanding the new FAR 4.19: Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Clause. At this meet up we discussed the implementation of NIST SP 171 into the new FAR regulations with the addition of a much anticipated clause. We reviewed what guidelines have been incorporated, what has been omitted, and how the implementation of these regulations could impact contractors. Tony’s presentation can be downloaded from the meetup’s library for meetup members.


REGISTER at http://www.meetup.com/NCR-Risk-Management-Framework-Lifeboat/

SOONEST. You’ll find the practical information for our LifeBoat group meeting there. You can also tell other folks that they can easily get information and RSVP by starting on our ISSA Northern Virginia (NOVA) home page at http://www.issa-nova.org/ . If you RSVP and then cannot come, we would really appreciate you letting us know. We rely on an accurate attendee count to set up the room and coordinate with our much appreciated host restaurant near 66 and 495.


If anyone decides against using a free Meetup account, they are welcome to call 703-402-4379 to RSVP and get the practical details (where, when, and free parking). They can also optionally request to be added to our BCC email distro list. HOWEVER, many valuable RMF LifeBoat files are posted on our meetup for download by our Meetup group members.